APP UPDATE: Nuki iOS App 2022.11.1-Beta

We released a new iOS app version 2022.11.1.

What’s new?

2022.11.1 (2323) 24.10.2022


  • Lock Screen Widgets for iOS 16
  • The configuration area for the Nuki Box is updated to the new UI


  • Minor improvements and fixes in the “Features & Configuration” area
  • Minor UI fixes for iOS 16

Please update your Nuki app and share your experience.

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How can I get access to TestFlight link?

Found it How to become a Nuki iOS App beta tester

Lock screen widget is very nice! I had no idea it was possible to update the icon depending on lock state, great touch.

One doubt, I’m afraid to tap the widget by mistake and unlock my door when I’m far from home, are there are thing in place to prevent that?

Hi Bruno, thank you for your feedback.

If you perform the “Open door” action a warning is shown within the app. You can configure this behaviour by opening the menu and select “Security”.

Even though mine says “always”, I don’t get any warning when performing the unlock action (not opening, just unlock)

The open door warning is only show when you perform “Open door”. In this case, the latch is pulled and therefore the door would open.

For unlock this is not the case, as the door is just unlocked and the latch is not pulled - the door remains closed.

Got it, well, maybe it’s just me but I think this would be a nice extra option :grin:

There’s a dedicated Feature requests - Nuki Developers section :slight_smile:

Cool, I will add it there, thanks man!

With this and the previous beta, the nuki app no ​​longer recognizes the home, so no auto unlock

Bug report: not everytime that I tap the lockscreen widget it unlocks the door

Please try to open the map when you’re next to the Smart Lock (in Bluetooth range). Does it switch to home?

Thank your for your feedback. Can you please send us the logs via Help → Contact customer support with a note when the problem occurred and to forward it to me. Thank you very much in advance.

I’m trying but apparently there is also a bug here

Hi, after two attempts it worked. Thanks