App for Garmin watch

I’m looking for a developer to create an application into Garmin watches that could open a Nuki lock.
Anyone here?


Will be nice to also have app (or even better widgwt) for garmin watch. At least the simple lock/open using bluetooth.

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I merged your topics, as they are the same.

Feel free to add a feature request and start collecting votes for it. Would be interesting for us to see if more people here are interested in Galaxy watch or Garmin support (and how many in general).


Any update for this? It can’t be so difficult to implement this to garmin watch

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As in many cases it is not mainly about difficulty, but about priorities with limited ressources.

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Interesting, but I think could be a problem with Bluetooth pairing (I suppose Garmin can pair only with ios or android devices). Instead with a Nuki bridge is much simpler

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I’d be highly interested into this as well… even if it would be a paid app for my watch

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Dear Stephan,
I could pay to develop this app - let me know the terms.

This is a must-have for both: Nuki AND Garmin.

-same target group with most affinity. Great “reason to buy”
-great benefit / smart story (no key, no purse, no mobile phone)

Story Nuki to all smart-watch users: leave your mobile, key and purse at home. concentrate on sports. (That is the key-feature for runners to buy smartwatches)

Story Garmin: That IS a key feature for buying a Garmin watch instead of Samsung etc

I can´t believe that this is not seen by the Nuki / Garmin

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