API-sent Time restricted keycode isn`t stored as time restricted


I send the following JSON to smartlock/auth:


The reponse 204 says, everything fine and I can see the new user “17.1./Test” in the lock and it works. But the time restriction is not there:

“id”: “NN”,
“smartlockId”: NN,
“accountUserId”: NN,
“authId”: 39,
“code”: NN,
“type”: 13,
“name”: “17.1./Test”,
“enabled”: true,
“remoteAllowed”: false,
“lockCount”: 0,
“creationDate”: “2020-01-17T11:09:04.000Z”,
“updateDate”: “2020-01-17T11:09:05.602Z”

So why is the time restriction not stored into that account?



At first glance I am not sure what goes wrong here.

A quick tipp: Best include all parameters and retry.

I will take a closer look and get back to you.

Danke Stephan, nachdem ich alle (auch nicht benutzte Parameter) mitgegeben habe, klappte es. Danke