API does not respond on commands

Hello @Stephan,

after re-setting everything again and starting over and playing around with it half the night I figured that it has to be the fact, that the bridge is LAN-only.

Now with the newest beta-firmwares installed and reset, it works reliable since about 6 hours to call the API, when the bridge is connected to the internet. When it is LAN-only it stops working properly and gives me all the above headaches.

Could you please revisit the LAN-only behavior of the API and make sure the bridge can work reliable when not connected to the internet?

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This is a bug in the Android App which is fixed in the newest beta (going live soon).

Thanks for the work you put into testing. I will further investigate on our side and put up some testing scenarios. We have several users with a local offline-setup, but there definitly seems to be a problem related to the bridge showing an IP of

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Thank you @Stephan,

please let me know when you have something ready for testing. I’ll be happy to try it out.

i know this is my third entry to this problem.

But i have exactly the same issue. I’m using the Software Android Bridge (my LAN is unifi too) …
it is not working without internet access.

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Did you find any workaround for the issue? Without any hint for an upcloming patch, i. e. a sane solution I was thinking of rate limiting the packets to the nuki servers or to try to introduce a fake local one. The last idea wouldn’t work if the certificate is pinned.


no, it took me the last night to figure out why the sw bridge wasn‘t responding.

today i finished my first version for knx but if this bug will stay i‘m going to remove the bridge solution.

cloud isn‘t a solution for me!


is that issue with not obtaining a local IP address properly finally solved and can the Bridge work LAN-only? I don’t want it to talk to the internet. I want my local server to talk to it and process all events. I have several bridges and locks in different places and I want to have them finally proper integrated in my “house management” solution, have rules triggered, etc. without that I need to give them access to the internet (which I don’t have in two places - yes, believe it or not, there’s houses that don’t have internet access and don’t need it :wink:).