Anyway to see WHAT unlocked via Home Assistant?

Essentially for subtle changes to lighting / heating controls, I really want to be able to see (in HA) whether the Nuki was locked/unlocked ‘manually’ (e.g. from the inside, using the knob / button) or via ‘keypad’ (e.g. from outside).

Use-case: if Nuki is unlocked from the Outside, I want to turn on some inside lights (if dark) and set the heating to be on (Google Nest). I can’t just work from the basic ‘unlocked’ state, as this means the actions will also trigger if someone unlocks from the inside, e.g. to leave the house.

Also want to do things in reverse. If unlocked from the Inside, I want to turn on some different lights, and potentially turn off the heating.

So having this granularity is crucial.

Oddly, I can see this level of detail when I look at IFTTT but not via the Nuki HA integration, nor the 3rd party one (unless I missed something).

What’s everyone else doing to get around this? (Not presence sensing, as this is for a rental, so I can’t do any presence sensing using geo / BTLE, etc.)

You can get the necessary informations either from the WebAPI or the MQTT API of Smart Lock 3.0 Pro, which is currently in development and beta.

No at this point the mqtt api doesn‘t provide information if the lock was manually locked with the button from inside or with the keypad from the outside nor with the Nuki app. You can only see if the lock was used by Homeassistant. It would be great to distinguish between these things. And if the user of the Nuki app or the keypad could be submitted this would help extremely.

This is the log of Homeassistant

And this is the log of the Nuki app. Would be nice to see it in Homeassistant aswell.

Have a look at the MQTT API spec, specifically the /lockActionEvent topic.