Allow user to manually override Smart Lock internal state for locks with Priority/Panic function

Product name

Nuki Smart Lock (Pro)


In situations when Nuki Smart Lock’s internal state differs from the actual lock state the only way to unlock the door is to initiate calibration. This process takes time, stresses motor and drains battery. This feature requests suggests a way to simply solve this and add support for locks with Panic/Priority function.


App would have an option in the settings called “Lock with Panic/Priority function” which will be disabled as default.
When this option is enabled, lock will allow user to initiate “unlock” action even when internal state is “unlocked” and “lock” action even when internal state is “locked”.
Both lock/unlock actions would go to the max distance.


All public buildings have “Panic” function. A lot of high-end locks also feature “Priority” function. Current app is not compatible with these locks as user can manually change the actual lock state (ie by using a key) while Nuki Smart Lock will retain the “old” state and not allow user to lock a “locked door” or unlock the “unlocked door”.


Prerequisite 1: A lock with “priority” function
Prerequisite 2: The setting “Lock with Panic/Priority function” is switched on by the user

Situation 1: I leave the home and use the key to manually lock the door.
My kid comes back from school and notices that the door is locked. She starts the Nuki app where it says that the door is “unlocked”. Despite this, she can initiate the “unlock” action, to unlock the door. Smart lock unlocks the door and maintains internal state as “unlocked”.

Situation 2: I come home and unlock the door with a key. The smart lock still “thinks” it is in the “locked” state. I want to lock the door by pressing the button (or initiating lock action from the Nuki App). Smart door locks the door and maintains internal state as “locked”.

I can’t find any drawbacks or inconsistencies if this feature would be implemented. Locking a “locked” door or unlocking an “unlocked” door should not pose any security risk.

Referencing this potential workaround here too: Nuki Lock 3.0 not supporting locks with priority function - #5 by Juergen