Add user to bridge HTTP API notifications

We acknowledge that this feature request still has many supporters. So a quick update on our thoughts toward it:

The Bridge API has no access to last user data at the moment as it has no admin rights (i.e. doesn’t know the admin PIN code - for several reasons).

Giving admin rights to the bridge in general has too many downsides from our point of view. So there could be the idea to at least integrate the user ID for last action into lockstate and callbacks. This should enable advanced usage in integrations without knocking over our entire rights management on the bridge.

What do you think?


That’s all I’m asking for. As long as it’s identifiable which unique ID triggered the last action I’m happy. I can translate to actual user in my own domotica system.


Using the ID would be an acceptable solution.

Sidequestion: Would a different entry code from the keypad also produce unique IDs?

Keypad codes have their own unique auth ID we could use, yes.


Sounds good! :+1:t2:

+1 sounds great for me as well

Is there any estimate for this feature?

We are currently deciding for the smart lock solution for the whole house (several flats). Showing UID in the callback is crucial to disarm alarms, so definitely +1 on this request. Disarming alarm should be done on local level and should work even without internet connection, so web-api workaround is not proper solution.
Imo revealing uid of the last user is not security issue and could be accessible to non-admin users.

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I would like to call this “planned”, but as there is no ETA sheduled yet I am sorry I can’t give you any update on a timeline. :-/

I’ve upvoted this but I would like to see more granular information like the pin code used and invalid pin code notifications as this would allow for wider adoption and integration with existing platforms/apps. Linking posts:

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Really great suggestion @RBoy. Looking from a commercial point of view that should be very interesting for Nuki.

Now that we are linking stuff together. When the Bridge API gets an update I’d also like to see doorsensor data in the Bridge API.

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It’s been a couple of months now. Is there anything to say about the status of this feature request?

This is pretty crucial stuff for integration in smart homes.


We are aware of this request, but we do not communicate our timelines, priorities and roadmaps in the public, so there have been no updates.


Would like to see the support for the user who changed the lockstate in the Bridge HTTP API too. This way @Phuturist can make his Homey app even better.

Hi everyone!

This feature would be very welcome!

I’m developing an integration/driver to use Nuki directly on my hub of choice: Hubitat Elevation (HE).

Since HE approach is local processing (whenever possible, of course), getting a POST directly from the Bridge itself (no web interface involved) about who locked/unlocked the lock would open a bunch of automation possibilities, e.g., start playing a playlist based on who opened the lock, send a notification about who get in/get out of the house, to command a camera to start recording when a delivery person uses the keypad code that I’ve provided specifically to unlock the door for the delivery and so on. As I said before, a bunch of possibilities!

I hope @Stephan that this feature gets into Nuki’s feature development queue soon - for a developer point of view it would be awesome!

Best for everyone!

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Here I’m again … hope Nuki releases this feature soon !

This feature would indeed be super useful, in particular when also knowing which Keypad user opened the door / or which pin.

Any news on timeline?

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No upates yet on this as we do not communicate our timelines, priorities and roadmaps in the public.

@Stephan could you at least let us know if this is actually still on the roadmap?

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Is there any chance getting the code used in the JSON or possibly programming the keypad through the bridge API’s? This opens up many possibilities for integrating the Nuki Keypad with various different home automation systems. There is a lack of good keypads in the EU region and this would be great!

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