ABB or Busch Welcome series

hehehe, would be great to have this experience in to open contactless smile:

My Opener ist still hanging in there, my wife recently asked: what this box is for, told her when I bought back last year but since she can^t use, things that take it time are simply forgotten :wink:

have updated Opener for the latest Firmware but seems that ABB have not made it yet. @Juergen is there any other help in the generic profile unless you guys will have the ABB profile uploaded ? Ciao Stefan

I’m waiting to buy Opener until there is support for ABB / Bush-Jaeger. It’s a common brand in the Netherlands.

I do wonder if your fix will also support the video intercom of the ABB-Welcome series (M2233.-. 7" Video hands-free indoor station).

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Please feel free to send me an invitation to your Opener via PM to test the settings we used for Fidan.

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Hi Georg,
Super !

PM send just now, ciao Stefan

PM sent. Thanks

Great News!
I buy my Opener today. I will send you the PM in the next days :slight_smile:


How did you connect your intercom?

also ich musste es so einrichten:
rotes kabel auf a1
schwarz auf b1

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kleine frage, darf man den nuki opener updaten, wenn man diese spezielle konfiguration gemacht hat oder verliert man die einstellungen wieder?

PM sent by no feedback from Nuki so far … what should I do to bump and highlight their attention :frowning:

Hi Fidan, have tried wit Georg on the new settings but I was unsure on the wiring … you connected red directly on a1 together with the bus wire from the house installation, and black on b1 also together with the bus wire from the original installation ? In this no other wires needed (like on the generic bus installation mentioned) ? Thanks Fidan for your feedback …

Yes, you can update your Opener, even with special settings. I would recommend waiting for the upcoming live release, as many improvements have been implemented

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wie gesagt:
rotes kabal auf a1
schwarzes kabel auf b1

danach das setup durchmachen mit Generic > Bus (Generic).
es funktioniert aber nur tür öffnen per app oder knopfdruck.

ring-to-open funktion, geht leider bisher noch nicht.
da ist @Georg_S und sein team noch dran, soweit ich weiss.

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Hi Fidan,
Tried yesterday with the wireing, red on A1 and black on b1 (keeping the original installation) plus the new settings set by @Georg_S of the beta software for the Opener.

Opener works and could learn the signal for open door and the ring signal. Ring to open not tried yet.

Can now use the Opener and will report if there are any issues but wanted to thank @Juergen and @Georg_S for the support but also you @Fidan to have helped to enable future users for the ABB solutions here in :switzerland:


Is the opener finally working with ABB/Busch series?

its currently on beta test, check the messages from Georg…
Ciao Stefan

Seitdem Update auf 1.5.1 ist bei mir die ABB Konfiguration verloren gegangen. Die Neukonfiguration scheitert schon bei der Klingelerkennung. Hat jemand das gleiche Problem?

Dear all,
I got my “beta” version yesterday and tried to configure the Opener. It works somehow, opening the door and getting the ring tone, but when in the configuration steps I’ve to test the “ring to open”, like the others it’s not working. My main problem then is that i cannot successfully complete the configuration and the Opener is left in a half-baked state, randomly prompting to finish the configuration OR showing the “open door” button (which, when present it indeed works). I also realised that I’m stuck with the 1.4.6 fw version, while z.B. Maxi before me has a 1.5.1 fw. Is it possible le with the 1.5.1 to configure the door opening and skipping the “ring to open” part? Alternatively how can i help @devs to make the “ring to open” work and in my case finish the configuration steps !?

Hi @all just installed the opener yesterday after I found this thread and the hints from @fidan . I have the model from Busch Jaeger installed (83210 AP-624). Now I asked @Georg_S for the beta, let’s see how it goes.

@John_Fiamazo I’m also stuck with fw 1.4.6 hope there are no different hardware revisions.

UPDATE: I got now the needed parameter set from @Georg_S. So the fastest way is to reset temporary the opener pin to 0000 and send an invitation to Georg. Now it works just fine with a Busch Jaeger AP-624 module. Only the “Ring to Open” option didn’t work yet.