ABB or Busch Welcome series

A short update, I decided to order a second ABB Busch Jaeger 83205 off eBay for just 40 bucks. This is my fallback if I end up killing my existing door control. I will post the instructions here end of next week. Maybe there is even a response by somebody else on this thread with prior experience until then.

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@Robert86 big thxs

Hi All.
I just bought the full set of nuki products and mi abb welcome intercom is not working as it should be.
I have go with the simple couple of cables setup, and the app recognizes the setup, but not the clicking of door opener after someone call home,meaning I can’t end the configuration.

I have read the full post, and looks like there is no one showing the situation I’m facing.

Have anyone experience this? Any advice?

Thanks in advance

I’m just in this point, have you been able to move forward?

I just soldered everything, like 5 minutes ago, however it’s dark and late, so I will test it tomorrow afternoon. I will post an update soon. However as a preliminary important note, it is not relevant to connect the “unlock/key” push button switch, you can just strip the wire labelled REC- from the bus cable (third from left, left is where the red wire is), it’s the same I/O, I double checked it. This means you can doit non.destructively, without much risk/harm to the unit.

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Hello all,

I achieved a partially working opener setup with my ABB Busch Jaeger 83205 and the Nuki Opener using, as suggested here, some slight wiring modifications.

What is working now

  • I can unlock the front-door (buzzer) with the App as well as with the Push button on the Nuki Opener
  • I can detect Doorbell rings both from the front door as well as the staircase
  • All existing features such as the door opener and doorbell of the Busch-Jaeger are still fully functional

What is not working

  • To my biggest surprise, given both the above → Ring-to-Open does not work! (see below)

What I did (brief summary)

  • I bought a second ABB Busch Jaeger 83205 for 40€ off eBay as a spare unit
  • I removed the bus cable connecting the top and bottom PCB from the spare unit
  • I cut open and extended as well as added connection clamps to the third wire from the left (the side with the red wire), the wire is labelled REC-, it is electrically directly connected to the physical door opener switch ob the 83205
  • I connected the blue Nuki Opener cable with both part of the REC- wire in a cable clamp
  • I removed the doorbell from the spare unit and cut open the speaker cables
  • I connected the doorbell from the spare unit directly to yellow and green cables from the Nuki opener, the other cable of the speaker I connected as it was originally (testing revealed no change in function however you connect it)
  • Note, finally I inserted my modified ABB Busch Jaeger Bus cable and my modified speaker with the Nuki Opener wires attached to my door mounted unit and verified the functionality

Tipps and Tricks

  1. Forget about soldering, it is not necessary, if you just cut open the wires as stated above you can solely deal with cables clamps, the big advantage is less skill is required and there is no permanent modification done to the door opener if you use spare parts from eBay as I did

  2. You don’t have to use an eBay spare unit, the modifications are so minor it is more of a safety net and it made it easier for me to test all electrics upfront


Open topic: Ring-to-Open
After doing the above you can, as stated open the door with the button on the Nuki opener, using the Nuki App and using the Nuki Opener configuration Wizard. Further the Wizard properly and instantly detects the doorbell signal both from the Staircase as well as the entrance. However, both within the Wizard as well as later within the App, “Ring-to-Open” just does nothing.

I cannot get my head around it. The Nuki Wizard detects the doorbell in all occasions, it opens the door in all occasions, however the automatic of Ring-to-Open fails to pickup the Doorbell. I enabled Ringbell sounds and notifications to see if it picks up the Doorbell ring and it does not.

Due to family obligations I had to stop my debugging, I might be able to continue it in two weeks time. Until then I would really really welcome any suggestion by the Nuki support. Right now I can “Analog” connect the doorbell speaker, so maybe I can just configure the Nuki Opener differently to just work fully analogues? Picking up the physical speaker ring from the wire and as already connected just fire up the confirmed working opener relay switch? Of course I am happy for any app updates and support.

It is really sad to see zero feedback here on this Support forum also in other threads. I really regret my buying decision and are already avoiding recommending this product specifically due to the lack of customer service response here.

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@Robert86 great news and big thxs

Hi Everyone, I am also a new Nuki user, and I tried to install the Opener with a Busch Welcome 83222 U 6 intercoms. I tried the connection recommanded for digital intercom in the nuki documentation, but I cannot configure the Opener. At the step where it is asking to press the open button, I have a tactile panel, and I don’t know if because of it, it doesn’t recognize it. Did anyone managed to make the Nuki Opener work with this intercom?
Is there any intention from Nuki to make it compatible?
thank you in avance


I also want to use the Nuki Opener with an ABB 83210.

I Hope I can make it work with the information here, even if ring to open is not possible (yet), what is what I really want.

I already fail with the first try of wiring - what kind of screwdriver is needed here? I have the same screws like in the picture in the start posting of this thread.

Thanks in advance,

ok, ich hab jetzt mit Schlitzschraubendreher mit Loch drin die Schrauben gelöst bekommen.

Wenn ich das ganze jetzt via Bush-Jäger Konfiguration Generic Beta versuche, klappt gar nichts, kommt immer gleich “Anlage ist nicht standard”. Dann wird mir noch eine zweite Verdrahtung angeboten. Wenn ich mich recht erinnere unterscheiden die sich darin dass im ersten Versuche schwarz in a1 und grün+orange in b1 musste, beim zweiten Versucht umgekehrt. Das Kabel von b1 hing immer in der mitgelieferten Klemme zusammen mit rot und noch irgendwas (gelb?)

Letztendlich wie oben schon von @fidan in #153 beschrieben, nur dass es bei mir weniger Kabel waren.

Dann habe wie vom ihm vorgeschlagen nur noch rot in a1 und schwarz in b1 gesteckt. Wenigstens funktioniert jetzt einiges damit, auch wenn ring to open natürlich super wichtig ist. Auf jeden Fall vielen Dank @fidan, super dass überhaupt was mit dem Busch-Jäger Teil funktioniert! :slight_smile:

Und wie schon öfters hier zu lesen, ist es natürlich sehr ärgerlich dass von Nuki bzgl. dieses Problems nichts mehr kommt…

Vielleicht doch mal ein Update von @Georg_S ?

Viele Grüße

werde den weg von @Robert86 gehen. gerade kam mein neues oberteil an.

alle anderen wege haben bei mir nicht geklappt

Ich steh vor dem gleichen Problem ,
hoffentlich kommt da bald mal eine Lösung von Nuki.
Solange werde ich es machen wie oben beschrieben. Danke

It seems that no one has been able to get the Opener working with an ABB Welcome with video station. I see a lot of interested users but the support from Nuki is very poor. Why are you ignoring us @Juergen @Georg_S ? We have been very patient.

Ich habe auch am Samstag den Opener gekauft und habe ihn gerade versucht drei Stunden lang zu installieren, vorher natürlich Firmware Update auf 1.6.4. Aber weder die von der App vorgeschlagene Konfigurationen mit B1 zusammen mit rot und gelb in der Klemme und wahlweise schwarz in B1 und orange und grün zusammen in A1 und umgekehrt lassen mich meine Tür öffnen noch die von fidan vorgeschlagene Lösung mit rot auf A1 und schwarz auf B1. Ich kann mich auf den Kopf stellen, mein Klingelsignal wird wohl jedes Mal erkannt im Konfigurationsprozess aber wenn es um das öffnen der Tür geht schlägt immer fehl. Zum Schluss werde ich dann noch gefragt ob es sich um eine gegensprechanlage mit freischaltung handelt, wobei dann ein öffnen der Tür erst nach klingeln möglich ist, aber das ist bei mir definitiv nicht der Fall, ich kann jederzeit auf den Schlüssel Knopf am intercom drücken und die Tür geht auf.

Habe auch schon die Batterien vom Opener gegen frische Energizer ausgetauscht aber das hat natürlich auch nicht geholfen. Werde morgen noch mal den Support kontaktieren und ansonsten schicke ich es zurück. So schade, das wäre ein Traum gewesen wenn das funktioniert hätte.

I postet a possible workaround for a “ring to open” feature that might be helpful for some of you:

It is indeed unfortunate that Nuki doesn’t support the video intercom from ABB. I have 83222 model. Hope Nuki people will react to it at some point.
In meantime, I am thinking about buying the 83205 model and replacing my current one. Do you guys think the 83205 model device will be compatible with the rest of the system (which has 83222 intercoms installed by default)?

Any news?

Will there be Support for the Video Station? I doen‘t read any statement from Nuki.

Is Nuki actively looking into the topic or should I accept that there will be no solution for Welcome with video ?

…agreed @Georg_S and @FloGro is anybody at Nuki able to finally implement compatibility.

We specifically have the Busch-Jäger 83220 AP-624 Video WelcomePanel
(Busch-Jaeger - Busch-WelcomePanel® Innenstation Video mit 17,8 cm (7") Touch-Display)

in multiple flats and would like to attach the Opener.

What is the current status with regards to compatibility from Nuki’s end?

Thank you and keep up the progress!