0x01 error, motor blocked

Hi all,

Since a couple of weeks i have problems with opening my frontdoor.
9 out of 10 times the first try does’nt succeed. The second try wil open the door 6 out of 10 times, and the third try willl eventually open the door.

When i check the log, is says 0x01 Motor Blocked.
I try to recalibrate, but this does’nt help. :frowning:
Even replaced the batteries again. I’m using eneloop batteries by the way.
The lock its self turns freely, no issues at all.

When we bought Nuki it worked fine for a couple of months, but it is horrible at the moment.

Is there anything else i can try? I loved Nuki at the beginning, but now im kinda disappointed.

Greetigs Patrick

This is a developer and beta software forum. Please contact customer support for help with your issue.

I allready did Jürgen, too bad i still didn’t heared anything.
Its a shame for suchs expensive devices, Kinda disapointed at the moment.

Had a similar problem. Solved it with WD40.